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An Important Feast
IgglesFan: And thank you Last Day at CKR
Skye: Wishing you all the best! Going Out With A Bang!
Skye: Very Cool Auto Rap App
Skye: Sorry Shortest. Summer. Ever.
Skye: Thanks Margot!

Neither Teetering Nor Tottering: Where Do You Stand?

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Sometimes when you have difficulty establishing yourself within a new blog, opting for an age-old adage to get things rolling is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But in this case, it kinda works, emphasis on “kinda.” The motto is telling us to take a side. It says read more...


Breakfast with a Bite

Somebody call the pancake police! If there ever was such a thing, I'm sure they might be a little suspicious, at first, of our breakfast this morning...which was delicious, I might add.

These are pancake bites. Yes, bite-sized pancakes. What they lack in size they make up for in flavor. They're everything you dreamed they could be on a much smaller scale. Coupled with some fresh OJ and strawberries read more...


Conflict: How to Deal

My manager Allacyn recently asked me a question that I don’t get asked too often. She asked me if I’m ever in a bad mood. Since I usually exude more enthusiasm than one normal human being should when I’m in the office, it might be hard to believe that I have my off days just like everyone else.

So I told her “Yes, I do. And you’ll read more...


I'm Blogging This

After weeks of “tense” negotiations – really more like a string of casual emails (flair for the dramatic) - I’m happy to be the bearer of some exciting CKR Interactive news.

We have uniforms!

As a proud member of CKR’s official blog team, Scribblaz, I took it upon myself this morning to display our read more...


Biscuit Business

When you rarely make home-cooked meals for yourself, you certainly don’t expect that kind of treatment from your co-workers, but that’s exactly what I get to enjoy almost every Friday. I mean, let’s be honest, I get spoiled every week here. I almost feel guilty working here sometimes the perks are so good! As you may know, Fridays usually play host to Free Friday read more...


A Little Superstitious, Are We?

In case you’re wondering, the most superstitious day of the year, Friday the 13th, only comes around once in 2014. Today is that day…so count your blessings (if you believe in that kind of stuff, of course).

You may not think the black cat you ignored this morning on your way to work or the full read more...


Birth-quets...They're a Thing, and They're Awesome!

Another year older, another year wiser…I hope.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 7th, is my birthday, but save the well-wishing for somebody else.

I don’t mind celebrating the birthdays of others, but it doesn’t excite me too much when I realize another 365 days have passed. That being said, I have a twin read more...


Stack 'Em...Stack 'Em High

I’ve expounded on my poor eating habits before (It’s more like a lack of eating breakfast, really), and CKR never fails to deliver on the days when I carry a grumbling stomach into the office with the rest of me. Funny how it always seems to be a Friday when I find myself doing this…

Allacyn, our Manager


First Impressions: What Makes a Good One Great?

You’ve probably heard it before – first impressions are everything. For you that should mean making a good first impression, especially if you’re being considered for a job. But there is an important lesson embedded in the fabric of the impression you make – remember to be yourself.

Employers want to see your professional side,


Playing the

Ok, you just graduated college. Congratulations! You’ve spent years enduring hours of studying, stress and a few unmemorable group projects to get to this point, but you made it. Whew! So what do you do now?

Perhaps you’ve already started applying for jobs; maybe even lined up an interview. If so, you’re off to a great start! Millions read more...