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An Important Feast
IgglesFan: And thank you Last Day at CKR
Skye: Wishing you all the best! Going Out With A Bang!
Skye: Very Cool Auto Rap App
Skye: Sorry Shortest. Summer. Ever.
Skye: Thanks Margot!

Creativity Where Art Thou?

I spent this morning trying to come up with scripts for short comics. Colin wants to use these comics to promote articles on the main CKR blog. It was a bit of a struggle to begin with. There was a lot of staring at my computer screen, a lot of chair swiveling and very little progress. The blank Word doc, glaringly bright, stung my eyes. There is a lot to be said about the creativity-zapping read more...


Periscope: The Future of Video Marketing?

This is my sixth week in the U.S. By now, I think I have adjusted to most of the things that are different here compared to Switzerland — I’m getting used to most American aspects of everyday life. In fact, I am growing very fond of the huge (and delicious) meals, the almost indecently large selection read more...


Entry #5

Last week was very eventful. Tuesday, Colin and I went to a soccer game courtesy of the folks over at Indeed. Wednesday I was given the opportunity to attend my first HR event, the HR Star Conference in San Francisco. 

The soccer match was much more intense than you would read more...


Hasselhoff, Steinbeck and the Salinas Valley

Last weekend I went to Salinas. Apparently, going to Salinas is not a very touristy thing to do. Most of the people in the office were surprised when I told them about my plans to go there. Seems like Salinas is somewhere in the lower echelons of the must-see places in California. It’s just another town on the road to Monterey, hardly worth a stop.



American Keyboards

Hard to believe it’s already my third week here at CKR (Insert generic observation on how quickly time passes. If possible use metaphor that stimulates a sense of melancholy in reader). By now, I feel like I’m pretty much used to the new work and work environment. That is not read more...


Day Three: Social Media

Woah! Yesterday was already my third day here!  I feel pretty sorrowful about leaving CKR so quickly. I have already learned so much and have been so engaged in helping with the marketing of the agency. It was an important day for me because I got to learn how to use social media for the business. There read more...


Day Four: Goodbye CKR

This will be my last blog, so I’ll try to make it good. I’ve only spent four days here but I already feel like a part of the team. I’m so grateful that my Dad let me intern at CKR because I wouldn’t have known what it was like to work at a company like this until I was older. Working here read more...


Second Day=Good Day

Yesterday was my second day working at CKR Interactive. I have learned so much in the past two days. I’m grateful to be able to learn about tools that will prepare me for the future. I feel more comfortable and relaxed working at CKR as well.  For example, yesterday I learned about Salesforce. Allacyn read more...



After my first week here at CKR, I feel like I’m starting to get a grip of the concept of marketing. The read more...


Some Ideas

I thought of some interesting ideas for CKR. For a type of slogan I thought of something like a Lighthouse. A Lighthouse to guide you safely into the harbor. I chose this slogan for a few reasons.  First, a Lighthouse is like CKR interactive shinning its light to guide boats to make it safely to the harbor. The harbor represents CKR’s read more...