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An Important Feast
IgglesFan: And thank you Last Day at CKR
Skye: Wishing you all the best! Going Out With A Bang!
Skye: Very Cool Auto Rap App
Skye: Sorry Shortest. Summer. Ever.
Skye: Thanks Margot!

I'm Not Doodling, I'm Working

Catch me on any given day at CKR and my notebook is full of names and numbers, action items and a bunch of seemingly meaningless doodles. I’m not exaggerating, they’re littered all over the place! Sometimes it’s just a bunch of intersecting lines, random letters (in random fonts) or just another day of experimentation with my signature. Most of the time read more...


Feng Not-So-Shueeeet

I recently ventured into unknown territory with my designated CKR workspace: the “standing” desk. In case the news hasn’t yet trickled down to your neck (and back...sorry, back pun) of the woods yet, there is a growing body of read more...


The How, The Who, The What

Last month marked the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing by the late Neil Armstrong; an extraordinary accomplishment in world history, without a doubt. Ask anyone who might’ve been around a television on July 20th, 1969 – an estimated 500 million people read more...


They Call It Mew-Zak

One thing I’m not terribly good at - or interested in - is planning. I’m very much a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of guy. So I wasn’t too worried when I went to San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend and hadn’t heard of more than half of the bands scheduled to perform.



Feng Shui-eeeeet!

As much as we tout change and different ways of thinking in the workplace, it can sometimes be most difficult to affect change in our personal routines.

My supervisor, Allacyn, was the one who got the “ball” rolling for me this week. She recently purchased one of those big, oversized exercise balls to use as an alternative to sitting in a chair read more...


Check Yo Self...

What do the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, leprechauns and the work/life balance have in common? Many would say none of them exist, especially the latter. Let’s face it, we spend about one-fourth of our lives on the job. How can there NOT be the occasional overlap between home and the office? The possibility for crossover is good, so how do you respond when one aspect of your read more...


Confidence and Arrogance: A Fine Line

The importance of self-confidence cannot be overstated. Whether it’s exuded in personal or professional settings, it can tell someone a world about your personality even before the first conversation is struck. It can make you appear strong, decisive, fun (certainly more attractive) and more approachable. It’s a rather long list.

But there


Is that YOU?!?!

Once in a blue moon, you find yourself on the “Jumbotron” if you go to a professional sporting event. On a scale of 1 to 10 of the most exciting things to happen to you, it’s definitely up there, probably an 8 or a 9, only to be surpassed by catching a home run or purposely deciding to run on the field (though you may live to regret that one).



Neither Teetering Nor Tottering: Where Do You Stand?

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Sometimes when you have difficulty establishing yourself within a new blog, opting for an age-old adage to get things rolling is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But in this case, it kinda works, emphasis on “kinda.” The motto is telling us to take a side. It says read more...


Breakfast with a Bite

Somebody call the pancake police! If there ever was such a thing, I'm sure they might be a little suspicious, at first, of our breakfast this morning...which was delicious, I might add.

These are pancake bites. Yes, bite-sized pancakes. What they lack in size they make up for in flavor. They're everything you dreamed they could be on a much smaller scale. Coupled with some fresh OJ and strawberries read more...